Enabling and using Apple News in unsupported countries isn’t that complicated as it may sound and it can bring some other functionality with it! Apple News is available on all iOS Devices with iOS 9 or newer. So let’s go!

  1. Go to Settings ➔ General ➔ Language and Region
  2. Change your Region from the unsupported one to United States (or any other supported Region) and tap on Done
  3. Your Device will change the Region and when it’s finished, you will find the News app on your Homescreen
  4. Now you can tap on the “Available in Apple News” button on my Main Page and tap the heart icon in the higher right corner or subscribe to any other News page available in Apple News

With changing your region setting on your device you won’t change the language, but you change the available functionality in iOS, for example Apple Pay will also be available!


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