I just watched the whole first season of the show and holy fucking shit this is awesome! I mean fckn crazy, but awesome! I think the change that the characters live in this 160 minutes of playtime is huge. From a crazy inverted psycho to a kinda friendly, nice and responsible dude and from a crazy girl to a… kinda more mature crazy girl :‘D However I think it‘s a really nice story and it made me look it in one piece and write this text about it (Designated Survivor didn‘t make me do it, although it’s a fantastic show! I think, what makes the charm of the end of the fucking world is the British English that makes it so much more kinda not-normal (and difficult to understand). For sure I watched the show in English (not in German, because I could understand about 80% of the language, other shows are more difficult to understand because of the missing vocabulary in my head).

Whatever I strongly suggest you to watch the show! Please do it if you can (I know I didn’t write anything about the story, but it would be too much spoiler for such a short storyline!).

I wish you a good night and much fun watching THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD! 😀

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