First about Vacation!

Hi there! Nice you’re still here, or if you are new: Welcome to my website ☺️

A long time went over and so many things happened! In fact, I don’t even know what I wrote about before this big break. So let’s begin where I stopped: I finished school and my free time began. First I went to France for vacation, together with some friends on our own. We drove about 800km each way and stayed there for 9 days. While we were on a trip in the burning sun on top of a mountain plateau my cars motor cooling pipe broke and we had to wait about two and a half hours for the towing service to bring my car back to were we were staying but instead it was taken to a small village over an hour away from us. So we had to get there to repair the pipe (which I did in half an hour or so) and had to drive back the car again.
But this was only one day, the other days were great as we visited Monaco, went to lakes nearby or just stayed home to chill there. This was the greatest vacation in the last years for me. I’ve been so happy most time (at least looking back to it :P).

The next story to tell is probably the next vacation which was at the same place in France, but this time with my mom, my grandma and my uncle which was great too. This time we stayed three weeks and soon I got bored so I worked on a website and heard music but I think next time I won’t go to vacation without friends because it’s just not as much fun ._. sorry, mom, you’re still the best ?☺️

I probably will skip some things now because otherwise, I won’t be able to reach today’s date soon ?

After we came back from that second vacation the theater season began again and we had to do rehearsals for the latest piece of greatness! The first evening the rain was so strong that one of the gutters became blocked and some water came through the wall… right above the fuse boxes! As soon as we checked what happened we turned off everything as fast as possible, canceled the rehearsal and called the responsible people. The next day the electrician came and told us, that everything would be dry and that he won’t change anything, we should just go on as we wanted… quite an interesting way to go but everything went fine and another great stage play went on stage and it’s so much fun to help it become so good!

Enough for now! I will split this right here because otherwise the text would be too long and you maybe wouldn’t read it all 😛

So see you soon in the next text ??☺️


I'm Niko, 18-year-old dude from southern Germany. I'm working in IT at a company nearby. In my free time, I'm an Apple enthusiast and Smart Home fan as well as anything else that can take work from me ?

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