AI – Artificial Intelligence, sure it will be part of our future, but how far should we go and how far should we let these smart learning algorithms go?
It’s a big question and the answer is not easy to tell… big companies would like to do anything and everything with AI, Google for example already is one of the best known and biggest companies that are hardly researching and working on AI. Like I already told about in my last post they are on a good way to let their algorithms talk like humans and I also told you that I’m not sure if I’d really like to talk to a bot unconscious if it’s a bot or not and I’m not the only one thinking like this.

Elon Musk himself already explained that we should be very careful with AI because it is a big danger to the human race. He even told that he is afraid of the future with AI and smart algorithms as you might read here. Since I read him thinking about AI like this I also thought about this topic and made my own thoughts and sure AI will give us small to very huge advantages to our daily life… for example, it is able to learn daily routines from us and run scenes that fit the situation, or it also can do calls for us, which is fine to a certain degree, but I’m not sure what would happen if it would develop a superintelligent network which can control what we do by influencing our thoughts and actions as it already does today with advertisements and search results that fit our taste. And that might sound like science fiction but the scariest thing of it is, that it isn’t science fiction, not a little bit, it is entirely real and the super-AI isn’t that far away. I’m pretty sure Google is much further in development of AI then they are telling us. 

We use small AI every day and that’s nothing bad! I don’t want to let you think that AI is always bad, it surely isn’t and also smart assistants, which are a big part of AI, aren’t bad or “you-should-not-use-tools”, they can help you do some things way faster or while you do something different, I just want you to think about it a bit and maybe (if it fits into a conversation) discuss it with your friends or whatever :’D

Well great, I hope I made you think a little bit about our smart future and what we will have to deal with soon. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any thoughts about is or any questions, just comment below (in German or English as you’d prefer) or write me on Twitter: @dieserNiko
Till then, have a great time :]


I'm Niko, 18-year-old dude from southern Germany. I'm working in IT at a company nearby. In my free time, I'm an Apple enthusiast and Smart Home fan as well as anything else that can take work from me ?

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