I know it was some time since my last post, but I‘ve got holidays and hadn’t had any motivation to write anything. But there are some things that I have to tell you! It was just not enough to write about in a single post!

So first, we went to a retro car exhibition in Stuttgart on Saturday the 24th of March. To be honest, there weren’t only retro cars, they also had modern cars standing around there (if you followed me on Instagram you could have seen many of them in my story!). It was great to see all of them as I really like cars a lot and to see cars made from 1930 until today is so impressive! There were and are so incredibly beautiful and pretty cars out there! It’s unbelievable!
Tesla was also there presenting a Model S and a Model X as usual for a car exhibition and as you might know I‘m a really big fan of those! I love to sit in Teslas even if I‘m not allowed to drive them by now (I would be if we had one but we don’t).

The Monday after I went to Gravis in Karlsruhe, a Apple Service Provider, because I wanted to change my left AirPod as it was broken. Sadly the friendly guy there told me it would take at least two weeks until I could get a new one. Two weeks without AirPods is absolutely not an option, I would have died! So we went back home and I tried so find another solution for this problem (and I found one, you will see later on!).

Wednesday the 28th was the 18th birthday of a fried of mine so I went there and it was quite fun! I talked with some people I don‘t talk to or see that often and that was great! It was also fun to watch the others as they drank some alcohol and weren’t able to walk anymore (I know that’s mean but it was funny and I cared about some of them also, so it‘s okay!) and as I don’t drink alcohol at all it was quite funny for me because I was at full consciousness. I will be happy when I‘m allowed to drive by myself, then I don‘t have to worry about getting my friends home :‘D

The next day we took away all of the rubbish from my room-project to the trashdump.

The weekend after was the Easter-weekend. We went to the family near Stuttgart on Monday and spent our day there. There‘s not so much to tell about… it was a normal Easter, with seeking for presents (at least the young kids, not me) and eating some cake first and some self-made pizza later. Surely I also was the driver to get there and home again (I love to drive!) so I drove about 200km that day!

On Tuesday I went to the Apple Store in Sindelfingen with a friend and his mom to buy her a new iPad, him a new case and get me a new AirPod! And I managed to get a new one! Woohoo! I had to wait for the Genius Bar to have some time (I had to wait about 2 hours, but they said that they would send me a message when it’s my turn so we spent the time in the store, bought the previously mentioned iPad and the case and set it up (the iPad, not the case!) and had a look for the (incredibly hot) iMac Pro and some other very expensive products we‘d like to own one day. As we just went to eat something, I got the message that I could come to the Genius Bar now to change the AirPod, so I did as told and after some explaining what was broken I got a new free AirPod (I‘m still in the warranty-time) and finally I have balanced sound again. After that we went back home.
On the same day we had the idea that we wanted to make a CarPorn from (soon) my VW Golf Mk. 3 (which you can watch here in UHD or at the bottom of this post).

While all of this happened I also read all of the lectures for my last German exam ever and tried to learn some politics too, what didn‘t work that well by now… I will do that from now on the rest of the week… hopefully :‘D
So yea… that were my holidays until now summed up in this much too long text! Thank you for reading if you really read all of it and until soon (as I hopefully don‘t wait that long for the next post this time) 🙂


I'm Niko, 18-year-old dude from southern Germany. I'm working in IT at a company nearby. In my free time, I'm an Apple enthusiast and Smart Home fan as well as anything else that can take work from me ?

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