But I don’t. I hate it. I want the 20°C+ again. Just to be able to be outside everyday, driving around without needing to use a fat jacket, scarf and gloves just to not get freezed after walking two meters away from my house. I want to go out with just a hoodie or a shirt, getting on my bike and riding to the next American fast food restaurant with some friends or whatever. If there would be at least some snow, but no, it’s freezing cold, dry and f*cking windy so that it feels 20° colder than it really is (it has -30°C every morning, I swear!!!!!).

Probably all of this would be much less bad if I could already drive my car alone by myself and not only together with my mom, which is not bad, but just not useful if I want to go to a friends house or to school… But hey, right now there are only 64 days left until I turn 18 and may drive alone.
By the way, I love to drive and I already drove quite a lot in the last 10 months! I think about 1000 to 1500 km should I have left behind me already. When I turn 18 I will probably be the proud driver of a VW Golf Mk. III with automatic gear and quite a lot strange features (like a seat-warmer) which are likely to be not as good as expected, because the car is about 25 years old. You can also hear this if you turn on the radio… if you receive any signal at all… :’D So my first action will be to replace the stereo with a much too modern system for this car, but hey, I don’t care because I want to have a sound as good as the one of my HomePod! C:

So whatever, I will get these last days passed and until then I will have to ride my bike through the cold ugly weather out there ._.


I'm Niko, 18-year-old dude from southern Germany. I'm working in IT at a company nearby. In my free time, I'm an Apple enthusiast and Smart Home fan as well as anything else that can take work from me ?

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